Sections displaying some "adult" artwork will now simply be marked in parentheses as "Hentai", view at your own discretion. Just because a series is marked "Hentai" does not mean it is predominantly "adult". Thank you

My interests are Sailor Moon, Kite, Mezzo Forte, and miscellaneous cels. This is not a free image gallery, please don't use cels unless prior permission is given. My gallery is new and still growing so check back frequently for updates. In the meantime I hope you enjoy browsing through. Thank you!

News & Updates

7/27/2012Finally got around to updating some of my newer pieces. 2 cels from my ever-pressing obsession Kite and 1 from Pokemon! Can't wait to add even more :D I have now been collecting for over 4years! Looking back at what I've amassed and where I started I feel an overwhelming sense of pride and joy. Thank you all for sharing in my artwork :)
7/30/2011Finally got to a scanner so I could upload all my new Kite goodies that I'd been dying to share! Very glad to have acquired them, they're lovely to look at. Also did a quick update in the SM section so that 1 cel was no longer a bad photo but now a scan with a bg :)
1/15/2011Long time since I remembered to make this little news update! This time around you're only going to be seeing sketches. Some new CG shows I like or happened to come into possession of :)
9/7/2010I couldn't be patient >< I just had to do my birthday update NOW! So What you're seeing is my little culmination of birthday joy! I hope you enjoy looking around :)

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Kite (Hentai) (8) 7/27/2012
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Swan Princess (Richard Rich) (1) 8/16/2008

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