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Bed Of Needs
Source: Hanken
Layers: 1
No sketches available
Cel Number: 32/300
Standard size

Original Matching Background

Added 1/11/2010
Updated 4/5/2010
You will never find two kinder souls in cel collecting than Jen & Steph of acetateaddiction.rubberslug.com They have been wonderful to me. I had long hounded them about this particular repro. It was love at first sight and no other repro was going to come between us. They wonderfully allowed me to do a payment plan, and put up with all the difficulties and hardships that followed. I thought I''''''''d never get this cel! I''''''''m so happy to finally have done so and can now happily strike it off my list. Thank you so much Jen & Steph, I wish nothing but the best for you two!

This is a reproduction of the DVD cover for A Kite. This particular cel was also used in the Kite artbook though some blood was digitally added in. It is #32/300 quite low in number and a little bit of noteworthy info, when I received the package and found her inside I immediately danced with her for a moment much like you do with a person before safely tucking her away :)

Thanks again Jen & Steph, it''''''''s people like you that make collecting so special. Thank you!

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