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Source: OVA
Layers: 1
Sketches: 1
Cel Number: C12
Standard size
Ending Cel

No Background

Added 9/7/2010
I purchased Sawa for my birthday, I figured that while the prices on this particular end sequence are high I had a lot to celebrate, I'm turning 19, I've secured a job, I take care of myself and rely less on my family. I am so glad I spoiled myself this one time around, I will treasure her for a looooong good while.

I really don't know what to comment here. I honestly never thought I'd see her eyes in person, see that pained smile, the colors, the just wow. My scanner royally messed up and took away alot of the color in her eyes and lips which is really part of what gets you, though to be honest I truly believe this is one of those cels you will never be able to appreciate unless in person. She's just breathtaking. I feel extremely content with my Kite collection at this point, I'm hard pressed to believe after her that any other Kite cel would really just cause me to take a step back. Wow. I have nothing but praise for the wonderful Deanna. You have made this young girl more than happy.

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