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Cels on my Wishlist are obviously priorities. Once a cel reads "WISH GRANTED" that does not mean that I'm no longer looking, alot of the time I'd love to have different cels from one scene! So please, if you see any of these help a girl out ;)

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Series/Description    Sample    Priority
Kite (Hentai)
I'd completely ignore the fact that I still live with my mother for. It is amazing. Everytime I watch the OVA I think about how badly I want it and about how ridiculous of a wish it is because I'm sure everyone wants it. But thats why its here ne? Will Give Kidney
WISH GRANTED! (Would Still Love the Screen Cap and more of Sawa/Oburi with food!) I adore cels of my favorite characters eating or with food, so any cel of Sawa with the Pringles can or eating at Oburi's place would be wonderful. Very High
WISH GRANTED!After much consideration I don't think this is my #1 any longer. My #1 I should be willing to just go for, and should feel special. While I still would feel special it's no longer the cel that would make or break my gallery to me. It is still on the top of the list, just not the Kidney cel. Very High
WISH GRANTED!ANY cel of Sawa as she unloads on Akai to go along with my Akai being shot cel would just be icing on the cake. Very High
At least one profile shot with her lips preferrably closed. Very High
I poke my boyfriend just like this on the nose all the time so this one holds sentiment, definitely want to get my hands on this one (Exact frame or any frame which her finger is either on his nose or very very close) Very High
Perfectly centered shot of Sawa with her braids and the earrings, plus open eyes. Very High
Young Sawa in shock after her first kill, any shots of her but blood must be on her face. Very High
WISH GRANTED OMG!My collection of Kite won't ever be complete in my eyes without a cel from the ending of Sawa. High
I like that in this cel her eyes are honey-hued and the odd angle/ view of her face. Very appealing to me when I did a quick frame by frame of the OVA High
I love Kite so much it's hard to pick how much I want a cel and which ones to focus on but this one is a great full body shot that shows off her uniform in a juxtaposed state of calm and uneasy. High
I would love a cel of Sawa with this much determination in her eyes and especially a closeup of her gun. High
another attractive smile and great closeup, like the band-aid. Medium
Even if she looks kinda egg-headed I just think her response to the kittens munching is too adorable ^w^ Medium
I would love to have any cel that gets this close/detailed but the blood is just a huge plus Low
like the full frontal and the eyes. The bag full of goodies is a nice touch. Low
Mezzo Forte
A shot of Momoi dying or dead. If there is a pool of blood in the scene even more so. Will Give Kidney
WISH DOUBLE GRANTED! (Would still love the screencap!) Any cel of Momoi smiling. Especially if it is a sinister smile. Very High
WISH DOUBLE GRANTED! A nice cel of Mikura with her gun. Doesn't matter what outfit she's in. Very High
Just the pure amount of emotion in this frame is amazing. The colors are vivid. Seeing as I'm not going into collecting adult scenes just yet this really gets close for me Very High
Momomi kisses her bowling ball in an effort for good luck, I just love it. Such a tender moment. Very High
The monochrome blue cels are amazing and I really loved this scene. Plus she looks young and innocent. Very High
This cute shot of Mikura holding her gun would do nicely with my Momomi as I'd like them to be about equally matched lol High
This whole dream confrontations color scheme is part of what made Mezzo stand apart from Kite. Plus I loved the hint of them being half sisters! High
I like the way she koi-ly plays with her and the evil smirk. Plus her boobs aren't looking too bad in this cel either ^o^ Medium
I like how it's obvious Mikura is still pretty young in this cel with her baby rounded face. Low
Sailor Moon
I am such a dork, I'd never seen the original OP's. But oh my god...what a suprise. I immediately paused, jumped up and down and literally yelled and squeed that I must have it. My boyfriend was so confused XD I would sell a large portion of my Sailor Moon item collection for this cel, I love it. Will Give Kidney
I would give my left hand, kidney, and anything else for this harmony cel of Nehelenia. This is really the only harmony cel I could ever want Will Give Kidney
This is probably one of the only ever sailor moon cels I've said OMG over. I was watching an AMV and this cel was shown not even a second and I rewound and knew then she was perfect, I had to have her Will Give Kidney
This is the only shot through all 5 series in which the royals look menacing. I love it. If the cel is 2 layers I'd really be satisfied only getting the Neo Queen layer Will Give Kidney
Neptunes character design is gorgeous, I love her hair. Her expression and the mirror in the shot just top it off Very High
This moment is just like Usagi. Debating her strong points. It's so cute >w< Very High
Who doesn't want this image? Enough said Very High
I need a group cel, most definitely, but this one is just to my liking, dynamic action sequence and theyre all spaced and centered, OCD wins! High
Ok, my wishlist may look like I focus on closeups, but I swear thats not the case! I just want a cel of SM's eyes looking this detailed! High
A cel of the whole adult family together. Nothing could be more touching, plus I'm a secret sucker for wicked laday >x< Medium
Ok, so I really really do not like Chibi-usa whatsoever but here she's paired with food, and pancakes nonetheless! Medium
The only mars cel I could ever want. I love the washed out colors. Medium
This pic is an icon, but it will have to do for now. I really want a cel of her reminiscing about the cookies from the SuperS Movie Medium
This cel of Luna being squashed by the "Usagi" bag is just too funny. I laugh everytime I see it and think it would be a nice addition Low

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